TypeScript : My Video tutorial on its Need, Usage and benefits with a demo

If you love writing javascript, you may even like to explore a new scripting language which is becoming popular these days known as "TypeScript". You can write TypeScript just like you write javascript.  You can compile TypeScript code to generate output javascript which is clean, maintainable and cross browser compatible.

The best thing about TypeScript is you can get rid of the problems posed by dynamic types of javascript. Adding to it, you get to use the object oriented features like Interfaces, Visibility Modifiers & Classes. Here is a video where in I have explained
  1. Why we need TypeScript?
  2. What is TypeScript?
  3. Features of TypeScript
  4. TypeScript Compiler
  5. Keywords & Hierarchy
  6. Tooling Options
At the end, you will see a demo of a small hello world application with TypeScript. Enjoy watching this video. Happy Learning !

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