The Big Post : Being positive about your work and organization

Look. If you are a guy or gal who do not like the organization you are working at, this post may help you to learn a few things which you should actually know to start feeling successful @ work.

Background:  First, I hate writing these kind of posts related to non-programming stuff. I am a techie, (Not a HR Guy) passionate about tools, technologies and programming. You will find no other posts in my blog which is non-technical. I am writing this post not because I am too rich or too much happy with my present employer. Also, I am not working for a fortune 100 giant too!

Adding to it, I never traveled abroad till today through my employer and I am not a silent spiritual guru who can teach you how to compromise in life and assume yourself to be happy inside. I am saying all this because I am always positive at work and telling you how to be positive at work. That's it !!

I like to earn a great salary, love to buy new smart phones every now and then and love to have beach vacations every month! I am a kind of person just like you. So, try to read the post completely before you start looking at the X button on the top right corner!  

Hey, look further.
"Being successful at work" is a delicious recipe to have and the main ingredients are "Financial Success, Happiness and Job Satisfaction". Job satisfaction is as important as like a tablespoon of salt in a hot and spicy recipe.

This post is all about a typical employee mindset and the attitude. Most of the times, employees will be right in what they think, what they assume to be and what they predict about their organization. But the actions they take will usually be incorrect. Seriously, there will nothing be happening around them as they think. The problem is the resistance they have in accepting a thing or may be their organization is not doing well!!

Any guy like you and me want these things @ work
  1. Cool Designation: Like an evangelist or an expert or something smelling fancy
  2. Easy to do work. (Which you yourself call it challenging)
  3. A great N digit salary. (N is up to you)
  4. Perks, Bonus, Goodies and rewards every now and then.
  5. Onsite Opportunities
  6. Holidays, Vacations and Sponsored trips!
  7. Company Stocks, Club memberships and discounts.
OK. Now, read the above 7 lines few more times. You will know what you wanted and wanting.  Lemme tell you one thing. Whoever doesn't want these things are either sitting on top of mountains (meditating) or they do not belong to our planet.  Agree? I know you would. Well, you did. Yes.

My intention here is to convey that everyone likes to have these things but mostly will not be getting all of these or my god  some guys do not get even one of these!! But still, you can be positive and work (here or there) with a smile :)
How? Read further.
 Just try to follow these things to be positive and energetic. Try seeing the difference in you
  1. Be passionate about something in life. The so called "Something" in this context can be a Technology, art, painting, Sport or anything that interests you.
  2. Maintain good Health: Sleep 8 Hours a day. Have enough food and water. This is a real important thing. I am not a doctor to suggest you to do physical exercise and all. Huh. I don't do it myself. Who gets time!! So, just get addicted to an indoor/outdoor game and play every day without miss. See, if you start thinking too much about the problems you have at work or about that damn employer, you yourself are getting tensed. You will die a few years early and your employer will never be affected. So, take care of yourself.
  3. Spend time with your friends and family:  Have enough time for your family. Talk to them, spend more time with them, play with your kids, take your parents outside on a small vacation and do not think about your organization when you are with them. Don’t tell them how bad you feel about your organization. You are already wounded. Why are you passing the pain to your innocent family members?
  4. Think like a business owner: Think as if you are a business owner and observe the challenges. What would be your reaction if you open your own dream company and your employees eventually talk rubbish about it in front of others just like you are doing it now? 
  5. Do not get influenced by External Factors: Do not allow external factors to influence you negatively. Many of your friends may not like their work, their financial life, and their team mates. You should never get influenced by what they are vomiting! It’s their problem and their problem should not create a problem to you. Observe what they are saying, listen to them, analyze the good and bad sides of it, but never take it seriously. 
  6. Don’t spread the disease:  Do not discuss what your friends talk about your organization with others. Do not even talk about this to your closest friends. Though your friends are complaining about your organization, they are discussing it with you just because they trust you. If you leak what they say, it’s like you are seriously doing some damage to your relationship. So, keep the things confidential. The worst thing one would do is to talk about such guys with the boss just to impress him. By doing such things, no one becomes a super hero; they just start losing their value. Even employers will hate such kind of guys eventually.
  7. Do not show resistance. Accept everything positively in work. See, you are working for your customers. But again, your customers are working for someone else. What you think about your customers may not be true always. They might be having their own worries too.
  8. Money is not everything: Money is very important and you and I work for it. But, why it should become everything? I personally know many super rich families. You will be surprised to know that they suffer more than you do. Own brothers and sisters quarrel for money. Own blood relatives will have disputes and the main reason most of the times will be that piece of paper called Money.
  9. Stop Unnecessary Comparison: Understand that every human being in unique. Every human being deserves something which is unique. Let me give you an example
    1. Assume that you are a Person P having around 5 years of industry experience. You draw a monthly salary of S dollars. You are putting E amount of effort to earn it. 
    2. Now, your colleague has the experience as much you have. He might be drawing S + 100 dollars, He might just be putting E – 100 amount of effort only.  OK. Why can’t you accept it? Till you come to know the other guy is earning more than you, were you not happy? Didn't you unnecessarily make yourself unhappy?
    3. So, is comparing bad?
      • No. Not really. You must always compare yourself to others. Compare it to know where you are.
      • Compare it with your friends who earn less than you
      • Okay. Compare it with others who earn more than you. But, have an ambition or a desire to earn more. It is not harmful. But, don’t use that as a thing to talk negative about your organization; don’t allow that matter to demotivate you. Don’t allow that matter to hurt you inside. Don’t allow that matter to show less interest in your work. Instead, think of what you can do to earn more. Isn't it a good idea?
  10. Think about yourself: This is kind of a tip which you should never ignore. You always think about others, work, things which bothers you. Do this. Go, just sit below a tree for some time alone, and think about yourself. Think what you are feeling, what you are doing, Why are you doing it, what best can be done, Where do you want to be? This is the thing you should be doing. Isn't it? By appreciating your organization or by blaming them, you are allowing your mind to think about the organization itself. I suggest you to think about yourself. You will find lot of ways to improve in your work, financials and other aspects.
Okay, for some of you all the above things are good to hear but difficult to adopt. Isn't it? I know. Here is a list of items which I would like to bring into your attention.
  1. Were you not happy the first day you joined your organization. It is only you who agreed to work for this compensation. Isn't it? But now why worrying? 
    • Yes I was but I  never knew my increments will be less in future : 
      • Did you bring it to your boss notice that your compensation is less? if
        • YES – if you think even then they did not consider it after many years, try quitting the job. Do not wait further.
        • NO - Try discussing it with your boss. It’s your mistake.
    • No. I joined my present organization because of some other commitment and not for a financial reason.
      • Cool. Then, live with it if your commitment is more important than your desire. So that is the answer, but stop thinking negative now! Your present job solved a problem you had which is more important than a financial thing. So, work happily now.
  2. For me, role and designations are more important than financial things but not getting it
    • if you think you can’t grow in your present organization, why are you working there still? Are you capable? If yes then try joining another organization where you think you can fulfill your dreams.
Many employees do this. When their friend wants to join the same organization, they say “No, why do you want to join my company. They don’t give you good work; here they won’t pay you well, we are already suffering...”. If your friend is smart, he would say “Why the heck are you working in your present organization then. Go and change your job first. There are too many opportunities to shine in this world”

Well, if you have issues other than financial or work related and you have been forced to work in your present company for some inevitable reason; I suggest you to start thinking positive or at least start finding an alternative way to earn. Who knows, you may do good as a business owner.

The final statement.  After reading the post, hopefully you will go back to work with a smile. If you still think you can’t be positive at work tomorrow,  and if you think you are not happy with your present work and also if you think there is no way to get rid of your problem in your present organization, just change your job but don’t blame Mr. Bob !

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