Video Tutorial - Fill the Gap with PhoneGap !

We all use mobile phones, tablets or PDA's for managing our work, watching videos & songs or to take some pictures. There is a huge demand for mobile phones in the market as you know.

We have different manufacturers selling the phones and each of them offer attractive features. Some one likes a windows phone, some like android phone, many people like iPhone, others love blackberry and the list goes on.

One good thing is that, we have a big list of devices and options to choose from. But, at the same time, too many devices & platforms are making the developers life difficult. An application that runs on a blackberry would not run on a windows phone and the windows phone app may not run on a iPhone

We need people with different skill-sets to develop applications on different platforms. If a company wants to develop applications that runs on multiple platforms, they hire developers for all the platforms. Finally, they end up putting a big effort for development & testing to make apps work on multiple platforms. Also, Just Imagine the time & the cost involved in this process.

In this situation, if your customer wants you to develop apps that runs on multiple mobile platforms what would you do?

How do we solve the problem i just mentioned?
The solution is "Cross Platform Mobile Application Development". Sounds something big but really small it is. PhoneGap fills the gap. Just watch this video tutorial to believe it yourself. Cross platform mobile development is real easy!. Use PhoneGap to develop apps that works on 7 platforms!

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