TechEdIn 2012 : My Experience - Part 2

What a wonderful Keynote it was from Sanket Akerkar (Managing Director, Microsoft India). Every Word he delivered reflected & demonstrated his energy and passion towards his work along with his vast experience. Soon after his note, Bernardo Caldas, General Manager for Windows & Live (Emerging Markets) continued to pour energy adding to Sanket's words. I could see his eyes sparkling and feel his sense of responsibility.

 The Groovy background music was kicking at my chest just to allow myself to feel proud of my presence. After the Keynote, pushed the recording switch off on my handy cam, just came out, took a snap with the SQL Guru @pinaldave and there was a surprise waiting for everyone. Guess what. There was hardly any space even for a mosquito to get inside the "T-SQL Rediscovered with SQL Server 2012” session. House Full!.  #techedIn was trending on twitter (India) already.

Without any option, I attended "The Windows 8 platform for Metro style apps from Kraig Brockschmidt". It was gr8 session, ah, nothing to regret.  After that, one more metro design principles session from Krishnan Rengasamy (I believe he is a Senior Program Manager ).
Time for lunch.  Had each and every veg recipe I found there. Loved the desserts very much. The very important thing i noted is that, the buffet had a good spread and also it was accessible to thousands of participants all together at a time.

Met Lohith (@Kashyapa) and took a snap with him along with Mr. Pavanaja and Ganesh.

I did not want to miss the Kinect session from Abhijit Jana so ran quickly to Magadh Hall. Met him, introduced myself, spoke to him for few minutes, and took a Snap.  Hmm... He was tensed!! Really. But once he started presenting "Windows Azure meets Kinect, Windows Phone and Windows 8 Metro ", he was amazing. He almost impressed everyone with his demos.

We knew that SQL Track would be running full so walked away from the previous session 10 minutes early to the "SQL Server Misconceptions and Resolution – A Practical Perspective" from Pinal Dave & Vinod Kumar M.  I had no place to Sit.  One hour completely on my feet. Was sweating even with the Air conditioning turned on.  But, the stunning presentation from both the guys kept me entertaining with loads of knowledge.  Almost everyone got stumped! Yes, that is what I call an interactive session.
After a tea break, went to "Building Metro style apps with XAML: What .NET developers need to know" session. It was not too great but was good just because I knew many things he mentioned.  And not to forget, others enjoyed it.

The Demo Extravaganza in Kalinga hall was the highlight of the day. Collected 2 t-shirts (thx to Nokia & Microsoft) & Returned back to home with great satisfaction.
(to be continued)

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