TechEdIn 2012 : My Experience - Part 1

The excitement started a week back when I came to know that I would be attending the Microsoft TechEd at Bangalore.Thanks to Marlabs for the sponsor. (My company)

Being a WP7, Silverlight, ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#, WPF, WCF, SQL Server, Javascript experienced programmer and big fan of Microsoft, was thrilled & curious as it was going to be my First TechEd ever.

I have worked on Microsoft products from last 7 years, have written many posts about the languages, tools & technologies and have shared my thoughts and opinions with community and the leaders but still there were many questions with me like "Can I carry my laptop to TechEdIn?, "Can I use my cell phone?", "Where should I have my lunch for three days", "Many Sessions are happening in parallel, what to attend and what to lose".

Thanks to my Twitter friends’ @Kashyapa & @Pavanaja who answered most of my questions and also for helping to prepare myself well for the TechEdIn.

With too many questions, myself & my colleague started to Bangalore from my native (Mysore) and Just reached the Location well in advance with my colleague.

Things started becoming very easy than expected! A guy wearing a nice t-shirt (with Microsoft Logo Embossed) smiled at me and asked for my Registration details. We just showed it to him and in turn he said "Sir, there...” to the counter where i got my TAG & TechEdIn Passport.

I was very happy with the fact that Microsoft had organized the helpdesk well. I call it as Help Desk Ux (User Experience :) ) .
I could find many guys who were happy to help me and also a big crowd who were starving (Tech starving) awaiting the keynote. Just saw few counters from the event sponsors but did not pay much attention.

Had a cup of tea, met Dr. UB. Pavanaja, (Former MVP & Indian Language Computing Expert). He smiled at me and started talking to me softly. (Reminds me of this line "Real good People will always have positive attitude & with helping nature"), he took a few snaps from his SLR and we all headed towards the Keynote.

At first glance, Kalinga Hall, Wowww!! What a stage, superb lights, colorful ambiance, big screens & Fresh cool air from the AC cooled my soul. Took a seat at the 3rd Row & relaxed for a while.

Ah, Dhanajay aka Debug_Mode ( in a red t-shirt & Suprothim Agarwal (Founder of Dotnet Curry) in a black tshirt behind me. These guys were my twitter friends and I introduced myself and both of them smiled at me :).
They were humble & soft. Was very happy talking to them. They talked to me as tho they knew me very well.

The Keynote started & so my excitement... Opened the Handycam from my bag..shooting..
(to be continued..)

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