Introduction to HighCharts - An Interactive Javascript Charting Library

In this post, let us look into one more cool Javascript library. This time, the library is just for creating charts and nothing else.

It is very nice to hear that we have a library in javascript just to create different kinds of charts. Well, please welcome "HighCharts".

Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript, offering intuitive, interactive charts to your web site or web application.

Using it, you can create,
  1. Line & Scattered Charts
  2. Area Charts
  3. Column & Bar Charts
  4. Pie Charts
  5. Dynamic Charts
  6. Combinations
The best part of this library is, The charts are interactive and can have clickable points! & You can create very basic to the most advanced charts for your data.Use Ajax, Supports all browsers and Use Jquery/Mootools/Prototype as the base library. The performance is great too.

The library is free for Non Commercial Use like for schools, personal websites etc. If you want to buy a license, pay $80 for an user. Its worth it. Yes. Really.

I will write code to create a sample chart in my next article. But for now, just have a look. Below are the few example charts created using this library. Click on the images to Zoom it.

Happy Charting :)

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