CodeDiet, My Visual Studio Add-on for Minification

Code Diet is a free, small, lightweight visual studio add-on which helps you to minify JavaScripts and Stylesheets within the Visual Studio.  Internally, CodeDiet uses the Microsoft Ajax Minification library for minifying the code.

Minifying JavaScript and Stylesheet files reduce the file size and helps your applications load faster. When releasing the code for production, you can minify the scripts/css and then send it across.

Have a look at this small video below to see how it works.

Download the CodeDiet Add-on from the below link and the above video guides you on installing and using it.

Code Diet for Visual Studio 2010/2008

Also, you can download the complete Source here.

You can modify my add-on to add support for multiple files, selected files/folder or the whole project. Feel free to bend it the way you want.

Found bugs?
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Wish you all Merry Christmas :)

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