Silverlight: Calling WCF Service to query Database

Now, I assume that you have a a good idea of Silverlight and it's capabilities. So far we have explored few technologies which uses XAML for UI like windows phone 7 and Surface.

Let's go to next level in Silverlight and see how we can interact with database.

I will focus on creating a Silverlight Enabled WCF Service which returns customer data from Northwind database and we shall also create a application which consumes this Service to display data in front end.

The below screen-cast prepared by me will make it easy for you to understand the above concept.

I have attached the source code with this post. Click here to download. You may just have to change the database connection part to make it work or just regenerate your data model. I will post a few good links to ebooks on Silverlight this week. Read and enjoy :)

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