Coding Microsoft Surface Device!

In this post, let us start Writing code for Microsoft Surface device.
I believe most of you know about Microsoft surface devices. Yes, its there from 2008.But, lemme give a brief introduction about surface.

Microsoft Surface is a platform that can respond to your hand gestures & touches. You will have a surface device which is smart enough to identify your gestures and do the things for you in a natural and easy way.

The interface is 360 degree capable & highly interactive. It is usually mounted on a table just like a carom board! and you can play with it.

Still didn't get what I am trying to say?

Lemme tell you few possibilities of what you can do with a surface device.
You can place your digital camera on the surface device and surface can automatically extract all photos inside your camera and show it without needing you to connect the camera to the device.

Now, you can just preview the photos and videos on the device, expand it, rotate it, share it, and re-size it all with your own hands! (No mouse required!). And now; you can just place your cell phone on the device and just move the photos on the surface device with your hand into the cell phone!

Yes, See this video and believe yourself. Well, I did not create this video, I am just embedding it.

Want to see how it looks in 2011!!

The device has Many USB ports, audio components, headphone jacks, buttons, many cameras & the internal structure has a processor, RAM, Physical storage media and lot of other things which I do not know :).

Now, Next thing that comes to your mind; Where can we use this device?
Well, I would say the possibilities are infinite.

In future, You may find a surface device in a restaurant and you can just touch it with your hands and browse the menu and order your favorite dish and do something else meanwhile you get it.

You can use it in almost in any business where your customers need good interaction and information about a product. May be you can use it in home as well. Too early to say!

As the surface device can actually recognize an object placed on it, you will find a lot of possibilities.
I am not a surface or a phone developer basically but just wanted to write a small program for it just for curiosity.

If you have knowledge of .Net and bit knowledge of XAML or if you have some experience working with WPF or Silverlight. That’s enough. You can learn programming a surface with less effort.

I am not too rich to buy a surface device but was happy when I found that there is a Surface Emulator Microsoft provides. And the best part is; it’s free!

I know. A PC monitor can never become a surface device but it cannot stop you from writing small surface apps. Isn’t it!

When you want to develop a surface application, you can do it directly on your device or on a different workstation. Here are the minimum software prerequisites required to develop a surface application on workstation.

1) Microsoft Surface SDK
2) Visual C# 2008 Express Edition or Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
3) Windows Vista or 7

Find complete Microsoft Surface Here

You can download the Surface SDK here

Now, let us create our first Application for surface. Play the below screencast to find a small interesting example. Happy Learning :)

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