Visual Studio 2010 Cool Features!

I always wanted to write an article on some of the great features of visual studio 2010. I found that most of the websites have some posts already and have loads of information on visual studio 2010 features. I thought if i could do a small video demonstration of the features, it could be useful for people like me who like to see things more than reading it.Visual Studio 2010 introduces a lot of new features which were missing in the earlier versions. As a developer, i found that few among them are really cool and can help us to utilize the most of visual studio and save some time which we used to spend unnecessarily.

VS 2010 is a platform which you use to develop applications. Many of us may not know that it is also a platform which you can extend by writing your own extensions too.

Here we go. No hitting the bush...Play my below presentation. I am sure, you will like few of them!.
Happy Learning!

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