LightSwitch for Microsoft VS 2010

As I started my blog recently, I wanted to write a few introductory articles on the emerging tools and technologies to make myself and readers comfortable and then slowly wanted to start writing on programming which is most pertinent to developers. As part of my introductory articles, here comes one more. It’s “LightSwitch” from Microsoft.

Consider few business requirements which are small

1. A doctor wants a small application which can help his patients to schedule an appointment with him.
2. A lawyer wants a small application using which his clients can enter their personal details and make an inquiry.
3. A small company wants a small web application to maintain the employee salary records and their personal details.

These kinds of requirements are growing day by day. Customers cannot go to a well known multinational company and ask them to develop this kind of applications due to the price factor or even the time or the feasibility factors considered by giants. Closely, if you see, what’s the effort involved in developing these kind of applications?

Any developer would say,

“We need to design few screens, create database tables, write few stored procedures, and write code to do the common operations of view save delete and update”

Microsoft has realized that there can be simpler ways of providing solutions to these kind of small requirements. It offers a solution called “LightSwitch for visual studio”.

LightSwitch for VS gives you a simpler and faster way to create professional-quality business applications for the desktop, the web, and the cloud.

“Write less code and create small applications easily and quickly” is all about it. LightSwitch plug-in sits in your VS 2010 and gives an interface for you to create small applications easily with pre-built templates.

LightSwitch applications uses silverlight platform. LightSwitch is still in beta. Take some time and explore it and get ready for future. It’s really worth having a look, what would u lose!

To start creating a small application using it, here are the first things you need to do

1. Download LightSwitch from
2. Install It!

Hmmm.. I again thought, writing step by step story on how to create your first application is meaningless, boring and takes more time. So, once again created a small screencast.

In this screencast, I will show how to create a small search screen using LightSwitch. I will make a series of LightSwitch articles and show how to do other things later. Play Now!

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