Web Apps: Design & architecture tips

I previously ( my take on solution design ) mentioned about sharing a few tips on application design & architecture. Here is a post with a few raw design pointers. Some I learned from my own experience and some by looking at others implementation. I will update this post with more and more tips as and when I find time and will also make an attempt to categorize them under different architectural pillars. Here we go… The biggest sources of failure in a system are usually people and not the machines or networks. Have fewer components in the system which involves human intervention. Automation works well with homogeneous and modular systems. Look for opportunities in your current and the new systems you design. Whatever is a pain to humans should be automated. If scaling out is an easy & affordable option, choose it over scaling up. Scaling out does more than scaling. If you need to scale a little, go vertical. Avoid cascading failures unless you absolutely intend it. If so

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